How to Get the Most out of Renting a Photo Booth

If you are renting a photo booth for a wedding or any other event, you definitely want to get your money’s worth, so here are some tips on how to make sure it gets used.  Once you have made the decision to rent a  photo booth and found the one that will fit your needs the best, the final step is getting people to use it.  In our experience, this is rarely a problem, as even when people have not been to a wedding or party with a photo booth before, once the first couple people go in word spreads quickly of its existence and fun.  However, it never hurts to promote it a little, too:

  • During your speeches, let your guests know the photo booth is free to use and that you want them to try it out.   Guests who have never seen a photo booth at a party or wedding before may be wary simply because they’ve never seen one.
  • If you are using the scrap book as a guest book, especially, tell them you are using the scrapbook as your guest book so you want to see everyone in it.
  • Let guests know they get to keep their photo strip as a memento of the night and a party favor.
  • Locate the booth somewhere a little bit separate from the dance floor but not tucked away in a different room.  There is usually a good spot where there is good foot traffic (like near the bar or on the way to the restrooms) but not right on top of the dance floor, so it is a little bit quieter but people can still see the booth.
  • If you are having a dinner and dance, open the booth right after dinner so it is available to guests who need to leave early or are waiting for the dance to begin.  There is usually a little down time during this period, so it gives your guests something else to do, as well.
  • Let the DJ know it’s okay to make periodic announcements, especially close to the end of the time so everyone has a chance to get it before it closes down.  We will update DJs as well, but it never hurts for the bride or groom to mention to them the photo booth is there.  No one wants to anger the bride; sometimes DJs are worried about saying anything that hasn’t been previously okay’ed 🙂
  • Finally, use the booth yourself!  We always make sure the bride and groom get a chance to go in together at least once during the night; it may be the only time the entire day you are actually alone!  Plus, the bride always gets to cut in line – we know what it takes to find all the bridesmaids or groomsmen at once after the party has started – we won’t make you wait!

Again, once the first couple people go in, word tends to spread quickly and a photo booth will stay busy all night, but a little promotion from the happy couple goes a long way.  You want your guests to have fun and they want you to have fun, so if they know you want them to use the booth they will jump right in!

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