Shakopee All-Night Grad Party

Finished the Shakopee All-Night Grad Party this morning at approximately 3:45am. That’s a late night, but it is completely worth it! It’s a blast to let the graduates go crazy their first night in the “real” world. All of the parents that volunteer to run the event every year are great to work with, as well. It’s fun to see all of the care and planning that goes into an event like that pay off when you see how much fun the graduates have throughout the night. It’s also a great way to keep them safe on graduation night. Kudos to the parents for running such a popular event; over 300 former students attended! We had to take a nap this morning before loading the photos, but they are now available on the “View My Events” link. If you attended and forgot your password; feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out. If you want a quick peek at the pictures, check out the epicphotobooths YouTube channel or “like” us on Facebook to see the music montage of the event.

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