What’s in a printer?

It could be argued that the best part of having a photo booth is the photo strip that comes out of it.  While the booth itself provides great entertainment and promotes fun throughout the night, what the guests take home is the item they keep and the thing that will remind them how great the rest of the night was.  I can’t tell you how many friends have photo strips from weddings, grad parties, or company parties up on their fridge for years.

We realize it’s not only the night of the event that is important, but the party favor you get out of it too, so we have invested in the highest quality equipment to make sure your image comes out perfect.  Today we’ll talk about the printer: Our photo booth is equipped with a dye sublimation printer, which produces prints in as little as eight (yes, that’s 8!) seconds, leaving your guests with virtually no waiting time to get their prints.  This may not seem like a big deal unless you’ve used a busy photo booth and had to wait for three people in front of you to get their strips before yours will even print.  Two photo strips come out automatically, saving you from having to wait for an attendant to cut one sheet in half, and they are printed within the booth, not at a separate table.  The strips are printed on special dye-sub paper to match the quality of using a dye-sub printer.  Before spitting your photo strips out, the printer coats them with a clear laminate, ensuring 1: they are already dry, 2: they are water resistant, and 3: they are UV and fade resistant.

Basically, we use the best printer out there to make sure your photo strips print FAST, dry before you can touch them, last for years, and won’t peel, fade, or bleed.

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